Netherlands counts 38 billionaires, new record

Netherlands counts 38 billionaires, new record

The Netherlands currently has 38 billionaire citizens, one more than last year and a new record, according to the Quote 500 list for 2020. Five people joined the exclusive nine-zeros-in-the-bank club, and four dropped off the list.

Three of the new billionaires are from the FinTech industry. Former banker Hans Wackitz fell just short last year, but a good startup investment in payment company Adyen pushed his assets to 1.9 billion euros this year. John Caspers and Joost Schuijff joined the billionaires’ club for the same reason. The other two are from the traditional economy – Hague real estate magnates Harry Hilders and Frank Zweegers.

The four who dropped off the list include textile magnate Jan Zeeman and harbor baron Cees De Bruin, who passed away. The other two, Willem Blijdorp and Pieter Heerma, saw their wealth dip below the billion euros mark over the past year.

Only three of the 38 billionaires on this year’s list was also no the first Quote 500 ranking in 1997 – Frits Goldschmeding of temp agency fame, Luxaflex man Ralph Sonnenberg, and oil magnate Alfred Balm. Heineken was also on the first list, but then the late Freddy Heineken. Now his daughter Charlene graces the billionaires club.